Do you have a business or tech project on your "to-do" list that's stopping you from making progress, making an impact -- and making money?

Then you need PROJECT: FINISHED!

Let’s get it DONE.

Because there is POWER IN FINISHING.

PROJECT: FINISHED! is for you if ...

  • You feel stuck in place or have been running around in circles related to a particular business project or projects.
  • You want to get the dang thing done already! so that you can make an impact and an income from what you love to do
  • You want to be more in control and more independent when it comes to technology and/or other aspects of your business.
  • You are looking for personalized training to help you get your project finished.

We want to help you succeed, and that means we want YOU to be in control of your own destiny.

You'll do more than finish your project. You'll gain independence. That's why we focus on training as we go, so you're never stranded again.


We are experts at finishing stuff and teaching you to do the same!

Those pesky projects that are standing between you and what you want to do with your business (and maybe even your life!)?

They don’t stand a chance with us.

We’re both former journalists/teachers-turned-techie-and-business-people who  …

a) are accustomed to working on deadline

b) love making life easier for entrepreneurial people like you

c) are former teachers who know how to explain even tech stuff in plain English

d) are extraordinarily productive go-getters who do things like write and self-publish lots of books (that would be Mary) and make major moves happen, like from the US to Paris, France (that would be Jeff)

Jeff Ballinger

Jeff Ballinger

Co-Chief Finisher (and Mary's husband of 20 years -- woo hoo!)

Jeff’s areas of training expertise that will help you cross that finish line:

website training

  • WordPress
  • SquareSpace
  • audits, to see what’s working and what isn’t (and how to fix it)
  • simple and effective design
  • email list setup, like with Mailchimp
  • communications strategy

photography training

  • selecting: how to choose the right photo for the right purpose
  • shooting
  • editing
  • how to choose a photographer
  • Photoshop
Mary Schiller

Mary Schiller

Co-Chief Finisher

Mary’s areas of training expertise that will help you cross that finish line:

business strategy and marketing consulting

  • selecting your niche/audience
  • growing a following when you don’t have money (yet!) for advertising
  • pricing your offerings
  • increasing your income quickly
  • shortcuts — tech and otherwise — to save you time & money

easy graphic design training using free or inexpensive tools

  • .pdfs
  • ebooks (like for Kindle)
  • Kindle book covers (and can offer advice on print book covers and interior design)

self-publishing training

  • the entire process on Amazon and other platforms (print and ebook)
  • writing: tips to make writing go much faster
  • editing your writing (up to 15,000 words)

training in ecommerce made easy

  • selling products — digital mainly, but also understand options for physical products
  • selling your services

training in creating/runing/selling online courses

  • curriculum development
  • technical how-to’s
  • delivery options

audio and video training

  • record and edit audio (simply and inexpensively)
  • ditto re video


We like to keep things simple
  1. Schedule your PROJECT: FINISHED! date.
  2. Complete a brief questionnaire to tell us what you really want DONE already.
  3. Meet us on Zoom on your scheduled date to talk about your project in more detail, and we’ll set up a training plan to help you get your project finished in less than a week.
  4. Receive the training you need, with personalized support and expert consultation throughout the process.
  5. Accept our guarantee that if you work with us and follow our guidance, your project will get finished with less stress, more fun and better results.

With our expert training and guidance, at the end of Project: Finished you could have ...

  • Your half-done website DONE and online (finally!)
  • A beautiful, brand new, single-page website online that you know how to manage yourself (right on!)
  • Much-needed website copy (like your About and Services pages!)
  • A working email list, complete with subscription form and freebie opt-in offer (yes!)
  • A professionally edited version of your book (really!)
  • A professionally designed .pdf to give or sell to your audience (awesome!)
  • A complete understanding of the self-publishing process (absolutely!)
  • Clarity around your audience and messaging (whew!)
  • Greater productivity and confidence in making money (and doing it faster and easier!)
  • An online course curriculum that you know how to deliver (wow!)
  • An ecommerce solution so that you can start earning money from your products (fantastic!)
  • Active social media accounts with a plan for building your audience (woo-hoo!)
  • And a whole lot more

Make no mistake: We mean what we say, and we'll back it up with a 100 percent thrilled-beyond-words guarantee.

Jeff did exactly what was promised: A functioning website for my photography business within a day. And it’s beautiful! I am not tech-savvy, so I was apprehensive about the training he provided to learn how to maintain my website on my own. But the instructions were simple and he was knowledgeable and very patient. I am very happy with the process and my beautiful website.

Danna Dykstra-Coy

photographer, Danna Joy Images

I signed up for Project: Finished! because I had a website that needed updating. I had tried to do it myself, but I was stuck. I have worked with Mary over the last couple of years and I trust her completely, which is why I didn’t hesitate to sign up immediately. I also knew that Jeff’s expertise was in building websites, so there really was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to work with them. 
I loved the simplicity of the whole process and how quick they were to respond to my questions and feedback. The whole process was finished in a week.
I would not hesitate to recommend Mary and Jeff to anyone looking to create a new website or to update their existing one. In fact, I have already given their details to a few people who have loved my new website.
Neeta O'Keeffe


I signed up for Project: Finished! to get editing and publishing help for my book. I found the service to be excellent, and I would recommend it to others. Mary and Jeff are willing to share their knowledge and expertise in a warm and accommodating manner. A big ‘thank you!’

Amanda Jones

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  • relaxes on the beach (or whatever floats your boat) instead of spending hours trying to teach yourself what to do

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It takes just 4 steps:

1. Select your preferred date for your initial PROJECT: FINISHED! consultation. 2. Answer the brief questionnaire. 3. Submit your payment via PayPal (credit cards accepted, too). 4. Relax, knowing that help is on the way.


We guarantee that you will be 100 percent thrilled beyond words with what we do for you. Enough said?

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent this service and its potential. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital, and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.

Note: This service is not available to French citizens/businesses due to our current visa restrictions.

Questions before you sign up for PROJECT: FINISHED? We're happy to answer, and we'll do so quickly so that you don't miss your chance to join!

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