Experience Liftoff ... in Paris

1:1 Coaching Like No Other — with Mary in Paris

Did you know that you have permission to live the life of your dreams? Wake up to that new life ... in Paris.

Get unstuck. Feel yourself moving freely again. Find your inner creativity and let it out into the world. In short, find Liftoff -- fast.

Over the past two years, I have learned something about myself, something that has changed what I do for my life’s work.

I can help people transform their lives — fast.

That means you, too. After working with you me, you can …

  • Step into the life you really want to be living.
  • Feel more confident, fearless, relaxed and focused.
  • Move forward if you feel stuck, and climb out of old habits and into a creative, productive and effortless space.

And if you’re a transformative coach who wants to upgrade your practice, I can show you the keys to making a bigger, faster impact on your clients’ lives and a sustainable business for yourself — with a whole lot less work.

How do I know that transformation is possible for you? Two main reasons.

First, I have transformed my own life twice in the past three years — I talk about that in the video on this page.

And second, I have helped many others do the same (you can read a few testimonials here, too).

It would be a joy to spend this time with you in unforgettable conversations: conversations that will change your life.

I did not expect to explore creativity during our sessions, and I was pleasantly surprised that innate creativity was something I could see and understand easily. It felt like a very inspiring, uplifting place to be and a direction I want to look more and more in. It felt like the answer to something I had been searching for.

Mary is easy to connect with, and the connection felt virtually instant. She is supportive and inspiring, and I am in awe of the depth and wisdom she shares and coaches from. I would absolutely recommend Mary as a coach. She will help point you in directions you have not even seen yet.

Gayle Nobel, gaylenobel.com, 1:1 coaching client

I would describe the experience of working with Mary as very, very wonderful. Here’s the thing. She sees it. And there’s something very comforting about being in the presence of someone who deeply knows that you are okay.

I would 100 percent recommend Mary as a coach. She knows where well-being is. She can see it so clearly, that she is as matter-of-fact in telling you that you are going in the wrong direction and need to turn around as if she were giving you physical directions to a restaurant. I felt a profound sense of relief at the end of my time with Mary, like I had been making ‘much ado about nothing’ and I could just stop doing that. I also felt hopeful in a sort of curious way, like, ‘I wonder what I’ll do instead now?’ It feels like more possibilities are opening up.

Lynn, 1:1 coaching client

I was feeling so stuck in my life when I contacted Mary. I felt like I was in a hamster wheel. After working with Mary, I was so relieved. I got the most powerful insight ever! And, it was inside me all along. I remember and know the kid in me that felt safe and secure, confident, and happy. Played when feeling playful and ate when hungry. Cried when sad, and then moved on to the next activity, not even remembering the previous conflict much. So, Mary introduced me back to the simpler, sweeter way I used to function, before I started taking all those thoughts floating by so seriously!!

I would definitely recommend Mary as a coach. She is amazing.

Eileen, 1:1 coaching client

Relax, enjoy the city of Paris, talk (but not too much), & transform your life. What could be better?

Held at beautiful places and iconic sights throughout Paris, our conversations will take place over 3 days — just you and me, one-to-one. We’ll look at what you already love about your life and also what you want to be different. Through honest talks that will take you in brand new and exciting directions, you and I together will begin creating the life you’ve been dreaming of.

Your Investment: $6,500, which includes a pre-Paris call, 3 full days with me (6 hours per day), and 4 follow-up calls (over 2 months); lunch, surprises and extra refreshments daily (croissants, anyone?), as well as admission to sights we decide to visit together in Paris. Accommodations not included, but I have recommendations.

I can also work with two people at a time, if that would be of interest. Contact me using the form, below, and we’ll talk about it.

If giving yourself permission to begin a new life, starting in one of the most amazing cities in the world, sounds like it might be for you, then please take the next step. Complete the contact form, below, and we’ll set up a call to discuss everything. I’ll respond to your inquiry within 24 hours. Merci!

I want to take the next step, Mary. Here's my contact information. I look forward to hearing more.

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