Passive Income Magic:

Create & Sell Your First $19 Product

This Week (& Wow Your Clients)

with Mary Schiller

Thank you, and welcome to this 4-part video course presented by me, Mary Schiller,

author, coach and Chief Permission Granter at

I promise to make it fun, fast and easy for you to create your first $19 (or more!) product. recommend that you turn off all notifications and distractions while taking part in this class.  Start with the introduction at left, and then watch the videos in order, all the way to the bottom of the page. Let's go!

VIDEO 1. Discover the Success Formula (Yes, There Actually Is One)

In this lesson, you'll learn a simple -- but surprising -- formula for creating a passive income product that serves your audience and you, at the same time (and it works for other things, like services, too).  4 min.

VIDEO 2. Make An Audio That "Sings" (For Your Supper!)

This video will teach you how to record audio using a free app (for iPhone and Android) called Auphonic -- without any special equipment. You'll also learn how to edit your audio quickly and easily with a free tool called Audacity (for PC or Mac). People love audios, so this is a great product to create for your audience. 7 min.

VIDEO 3. Create an interactive .PDF eBook

In this video, you'll discover how to make a fillable .pdf eBook using Microsoft Word and a free online tool called PDF Escape. Your customers can then personalize and interact with your book.  

5-1/2 min. 

VIDEO 4. Sell With or Without a Website with Payhip

In this video, you'll learn how to sell your product without a website using Payhip. Plus, if you do have a website, you'll see how to sell products directly from your site quite seamlessly. Even if you're familiar with Payhip, watch this video for some new tricks! 9 min.

Want More? What's Next?

I'm considering creating a pilot program consisting of a series of easy-to-follow e-courses based on the Success Formula: Inspiration + Intuition = Income and Impact. I'll help you to ...

- ​Breeze past blocks about making money and recognizing your own value

- Create passive income programs to inspire both you and your audience

- Leverage your time to be more productive and have more fun

- Achieve even faster results for your clients​

Should I move forward with some more courses? 

I'll do it if there's interest, so let me know.

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