Are you looking for Mary Schiller, your website fairy godmother?

Hey, it's me! I'm still here. My wand is working overtime right now, zip-zapping a few things around. Magic is happening!

I'd love to connect with you. Here's where you can find me ...

1) Please visit my website. There, you'll be able to sign up to be in my free, private Facebook group where I answer any and all website and video questions. There's more than 250 of us in the group, and we're a lively and lovely bunch of coconuts. I'd love to have you join us.

2) You can also find me at a new site, I'm taking my fondness for coaching and creating a new way to help smart women entrepreneurs end overwhelm and stress in all areas of their lives, not just related to their websites.

Let's make magic online. Because YOU are magical. You truly are.

Happiness and love to you,

Mary Schiller