Life can be effortless.

Suffering is optional.

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dream4My gift to you: a special audio course, “Permission to Dream.” Start living the life of your dreams. Today.

Count me in, Mary

Mary Schiller

With what I teach, you can …

Feel happier, have more fun and relax, even if you’re “super busy”: See how to bring a meditative quality to your life without actually sitting on a cushion.

Banish procrastination: Learn the one thing you need to know to become more productive every single day.

Dissolve stress: Discover where stress really comes from and how to tame it easily — and fast.

Get unstuck: Learn how to move forward simply, without changing your mindset or anything like that.

Stop worrying: Money, relationship, career problems? Find out how to make them fade away.

Be more creative: Find a new source of creativity that’s been available to you all along.

What else would you like to change about your life? 

With what I teach, you can do all of the above and more — without actually doing a thing.

I don’t teach techniques or tools.

There is nothing for you to remember, do, be or have.

Just a simple understanding will change your life for the better. Forever. Forever.

Nice things people have said about working with me

I had been fighting with a very loud voice in my head that’s causing me to doubt everything I’d been working on. Mary’s deceptively simple approach goes straight to the heart of the matter.  Not only was I able to get past the nagging voice, but I now have a simple word that  I use to set me straight whenever I am feeling stuck. The word?  ‘Poof!’

Lou Blaser,

After having worked with Mary I am, in fact, living in a peaceful happiness that I never even realized was within reach. My gratitude is beyond description. My life feels calmer, fuller, and more happy than ever. Seriously. Living in happiness.

Allison Walsh,

Talking with you, Mary, not only did I feel like everything was going to be all right, but that I was all right — and that my thoughts (or the welcoming and releasing of them) held the key to understanding. I was able to understand how the simple act of noticing my thoughts would open the way to let all the good things that I am flow freely through.
You were quick to catch the important thoughts that I would otherwise easily dismiss if I were on my own or even in talking with a well-meaning friend.
You are gentle, loving, down-to-earth and uncannily perceptive. It would be a pleasure and honor to continue our conversation and see what amazing things show up!
Mitsue Mikawa,

Something about Mary

I really understand what it feels like to be stuck, unhappy and grasping for something. You can see it, but you can’t attain it.

You know it’s there, and you know you have it in you, but how do you actually get it?

I suffered from symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder for 30 years. Thirty years! I thought I had done everything I could to get well. I did therapy — lots of it — and every self-help program out there, it seemed like. I’d feel better, and then … I wouldn’t.

What I didn’t realize until 2014 was that I already had the answer. All I had to do was turn and look in a new direction. Everything changed. And I do mean everything.

Within a month of discovering the Three Principles that I now coach people in, my symptoms of PTSD faded into the background, and today I don’t even remember what it felt like to live that way.

My practice is based solely on the simplicity of understanding found in the Three Principles, originally described that way by Sydney Banks in the 1970s.  As of this writing — spring of 2015 — I have coached about 40 people in the principles and have seen how their lives have shifted in ways they could never have imagined. Just as mine has.


Instead of trying to make your dream come true, allow your dream to make you come true.

On the personal side …

I’m an avid fiction writer (you can find my books online, writing as Maggie Waters, and by clicking right here), traveler, photographer, knitter and novice ukelele player who likes to think she sings better than she actually does. Art and classical music lover — Beethoven is to die for. So is chocolate.

Paris is my favorite city in the world, followed closely by NYC, where I now live. I must admit, though, this native Californian doesn’t always like the weather here on the East Coast. California weather used to seem boring to me, but right about now I’d take boring, thank you.

I love my darling daughter and my talented husband. And our two kitties — Sophia and Starbuck — are almost as adorable as my daughter and hubby. Maybe skip the “almost” in that last sentence.


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