My name is Mary Schiller, and I have a simple goal:

I want to create a huge library of business expert interviews: a resource for women entrepreneurs, by women entrepreneurs.

Read on for more details about how you might be able to contribute and what’s in it for you. Hint: it’s pretty sweet …

Mary Schiller

A win-win-win: for you, for me, and for the women we can help become more successful

Each expert I interview will receive a top-quality audio recording and professionally edited transcript — at no charge (yes, you read that right!). 

We can both use the interview to promote you and your business — we’ll share the rights to it.

You’ll also increase your visibility by contributing to a resource library that will help women entrepreneurs all over the world.

The only cost to you? Your time on a conference call with me. 

Here's how it works

1. We'll talk on the phone

I’ll interview you about whatever you’d like to discuss: something related to your products or services that also creates valuable content for your fans.

2. I'll create an audio recording and transcript that I'll give to you for free

In exchange for about an hour of your time, you’ll receive the master audio file plus a professionally edited transcript of our conversation. For free. All you do is talk to me, and I do the rest — at no charge to you.

3. I become your promotional partner

We’ll share all rights to the interview, and I’ll become your promotional partner. Your interview will become part of a library at (launching soon!): an online resource for other women entrepreneurs.


Q. So what’s the catch?

A. The only catch is that I don’t interview everyone who contacts me. If you’re a top-notch entrepreneur with a great reputation, then you’re the person I want to talk to.

Q. Do I have to be a “big name” or have a huge following?

A. No, not at all. I’m looking for women who are highly respected experts with credentials and great testimonials.

Q. Do we need a contract?

A. We’ll have a verbal contract at the start of the audio recording that states the following:

– We both own the rights to the audio interview and the transcript.

– I’ll provide you with the audio file and a professionally edited transcript at no charge.

– We both can give the interview away for free (the audio and/or transcript) or edit/repackage and sell it.

Q. Tell me more about why you’re doing this, Mary.

A. I was inspired by Michael Senoff, who has spent the past several years creating audio interviews and transcripts in just this way. Most of his interview subjects, however, are men — and I want to do the same for women. We need a bigger voice in the entrepreneurial arena (among other places, but that’s a whole other website!).

Read more

Michael is very generous and gives away most of the interviews for free and then receives commissions as an affiliate partner of each expert. He also bundles several interviews together and sells them for a low price. He often collaborates with the experts to create longer programs — let’s say, an expert in email marketing who wants to create a multi-part audio program — and shares in the profits. See an example of one he did with Ben Settle by clicking here (not an affiliate link).

I’ve also been inspired by the incredible women entrepreneurs with whom I’ve been in contact over the past several years. I want more people to know what we do and how we’re changing the world for the better.

Q. So you provide the audio recording and transcript to me for free, and you make money as an affiliate of mine and by selling the interviews yourself as information products?

A. Yes. I will also give them away for free to promote both of us.

Q. What’s in it for me?

A. You’ll have a devoted affiliate/promotional partner — me! — and you’ll receive a free professional-quality audio and transcript that you can use any way you’d like. See some suggestions in the next section.

Plus, you’ll be contributing to what I envision as an amazing online resource for women entrepreneurs around the world.

And if we like talking with each other, we can do several interviews and combine them into a program focusing on your expertise that you can sell, and I can sell — sharing the profits between us.

Q. Do I get to see the interview questions beforehand?

A. Yes! During the interview, we’ll also allow for some spontaneity.

Q. Do I have to do anything other than dial in to your conference line and talk to you for about an hour?

A. Nope. That’s it!

Q. Will you edit out my flubs?

A. I’ll give you the raw master audio file as well as an edited version, sans any flubs.

Q. How can I use the interview?

A. Ideas in the next section …

What you can do with your interview

The ideas are endless. You can …

* Edit the audio and/or the transcript to create an autoresponder email series. * Use the audio as your impossible-to-resist opt-in offer. * Edit the audio as the voiceover for a video that you can give away or sell. * Edit the audio as the voiceover for a webinar presentation. * If you’ve done an interview about a specific product or service, put it on your sales page. * Use the transcript as a basis for your sales page copy: rewrite it yourself or give it to a professional copywriter to massage into a compelling sales message. * Use the transcript to create several blog posts. * Provide the interview to your other affiliates (besides me!) as a promotional tool. * Give the interview to media outlets where you’re looking for press coverage. * Publish it as a podcast.

What else can you think of?

The next step is easy

Mary SchillerContact me to see if we’re a good match!

Please email mary[at] by clicking the button below. Tell me about yourself and your business. I can’t wait to hear more.

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Count me in, Mary!

Something about Mary

I’m what they call a “multi-passionate entrepreneur” — and I’ve grown to embrace that title.

I’m a professional copywriter, educator and former journalist who loves talking with people about what theMaryFairyOriginaly do. I have loads of experience in making WordPress websites, creating audio and video, coaching people to be happier — and for a writer, I’m also a real techno-geek. I’m a graduate of Marie Forleo’s B-School and hold a couple of master’s degrees (in English and in education). In some circles, I’m known as the “website fairy godmother,” and you’re free to call me that, too. :-)

On the personal side …

I’m an avid fiction writer (about to self-publish my first novel, woo hoo!), traveler, photographer, knitter and novice ukelele player who likes to think she sings better than she actually does. Art and classical music lover — Beethoven is to die for. So is chocolate.

Paris is my favorite city in the world, followed closely by NYC, where I now live. I must admit, though, this native Californian doesn’t always like the weather here on the East Coast. California weather used to seem boring to me, but right about now I’d take boring, thank you!

I love my darling daughter and my talented husband. And our two kitties — Sophia and Starbuck — are almost as adorable as my daughter and hubby. Maybe skip the “almost” in that last sentence.


Nice things people have said about working with me

I had been fighting with a very loud voice in my head that’s causing me to doubt everything I’d been working on. Mary’s deceptively simple approach goes straight to the heart of the matter.  Not only was I able to get past the nagging voice, but I now have a simple word that  I use to set me straight whenever I am feeling stuck. The word?  ‘Poof!’

Lou Blaser,

One of Mary's coaching clients

After having worked with Mary I am, in fact, living in a peaceful happiness that I never even realized was within reach. My gratitude is beyond description. My life feels calmer, fuller, and more happy than ever. Seriously. Living in happiness. Allison Walsh,

One of Mary's coaching clients

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